Te Totara Primary School - Growing and Learning Together

NAG 5 - Safe Physical and Emotional Environment

Accident, Incidents and Illnesses of Students Procedure
Administration of Prescribed Medication
Care of Animals
Child Abuse Identification of Suspected...
Child Protection Policy
Class Trip Checklist
Day-to-Day Care Contact & Guardianship Policy
Digital Citizenship Policy
Education Outside The Classroom
Emergency Management Plan - September 2019
Emergency Management Procedure 
Emergency Procedure Staff Evacuation & Lockdown 2019
Health and Safety Procedure 
Health and Safety Policy - Workplace

Lock Down Policy
Managing Emergencies & Traumatic Incidents MOE Nine-Step Checklist
Media Guidelines Policy
Media Log
Medicine Notification Consent Form
Search, Seizure and Surrender Policy
Search, Seizure and Surrender Summary Chart 
Sexual Harassment Policy
Sexual Harassment Procedure
Social Media Policy 
Stand-downs Suspensions and Exclusions Policy
Student Behaviour Management Policy
Sun Safety Procedure 
Traumatic Incidents Policy