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Book Fridge


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How does the Book Fridge work?

A.  Your child brings in one book from home that you are happy to let them swap.  They put their book in the Book Fridge and take out another one they would like to read.  When they have read that book they can bring it back and swap it for another book.


Q.  What kind of books can be brought in?

A.  Please bring in chapter books that are in good condition, age appropriate, and that other students might like to read.


Q.  When will the Book Fridge be open?

A.  The Book Fridge will be open at lunchtimes, students will need to ask a librarian to open the fridge for them.  It will also be open in the summer holidays when the library is open.


If you have any further questions please email librarian@tetotara.school.nz.


Not so Frequently Asked Questions!

Q.  Why has it taken you so long to get a Book Fridge?

A.  It took a while to source the finest quality Patagonian fridge plastic.  This involved traveling by camel, evading pirates and suffering from bouts of malaria.  But only the best for us, I'm sure you will agree that it was worth the wait!


Q.  I'm concerned, what happens if I accidentally put my books in a normal fridge?

A.  If fiction books have been in a normal fridge longer than four hours you will need to thaw them before reading, otherwise you may find all the main characters huddled together for warmth, refusing to leave Chapter One.


Q.  What are the side effects to over-using the Book Fridge?

A.  These can vary from person to person.  You may find that you have an overwhelming urge to go on adventures with a mouse, hypnotise your principal or visit Narnia.