Te Totara Primary School - Growing and Learning Together

Ian Ings


Deputy Chairperson & Health and Safety Portfolio

General Information

Hello, my name is Iain Ings. I am married to Susan, am dad to Yasmin whomis in Year 4 and Marius who has already passed through this wonderful school and is now in Year 12 at RHS. Sue, Marius and I are originally from the UK , with Yasmin born here in New Zealand. I believe I can positively contribute to the governance of the school and will assist the other BOT members in enabling Mrs. Fraser and her team to continue delivering excellence for the students. I have previously been a member of the Te Totara Primary School BOT, from 2008 to 2016 where I looked after various portfolios from Property/New Builds to the School Community and School Charter Development. My philosophy is to ensure that the decisions made at governance level must have a positive outcome for our young learners, must support our staff and must enable them to consistently deliver the curriculum across our multicultural school to a very high standard. I recognise we have a very diverse community and I believe it is important for us to engage with and be accountable to, our community. In my professional life, I have a senior management position within the construction industry and I am also workplace tutor and assessor. In my 25 years industry experience I have learnt that open, honest and timely communication and planning are critical to achieving excellence. With the continued rapid growth of our community and expanding population, it is hugely important that we have fluid long term plans for the continued maintenance and development of the school, to ensure that we can meet the requirements of the local community in terms of student roll, facilities and most importantly our people now and in the future. Te Totara Primary School is already a fantastic institute of learning, which is already delivering fantastic learning outcomes to our students, employs the brightest and most capable staff and consistently year on year delivers for us parents and our children. We now have to navigate our way through the vast changes on the horizon in the education sector, whilst maintaining and stretching our current very high standards. I believe that I can contribute to this challenge and by bringing a wealth of previous BOT/Ministry of Education experience, a level head and strategic focus, collaborative approach with all our stakeholders and foster a positive environment that will build on the current successes and deliver more in the future.