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Kelly Fletcher

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Tutor Teacher



General Information

My name is Kelly Fletcher and I have been part of Te Totara Primary School since it opened. I have had the pleasure of teaching across all levels of Te Totara during my teaching career. I have also been a Team Leader and have teams with all those levels. I left in 2014 to have my first child and have worked part time at Te Totara ever since. This year I am working as a Mentor Teacher, Learning Support Teacher and Release Teacher, which means you will see me in a variety of different class.
I am an experienced Teacher who enjoys seeing the students and teachers that I work with learning and progressing in their learning journey. I am married and have 3 sons, 2 of which attend Te Totara. In my spare time I enjoy being present with my family including swimming, playing games and attending their sports practices and games. I am looking forward to this year at Te Totara Primary School.