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Michelle Simms
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Library Manager



General Information

Hi, my name is Michelle Simms and I am the school's Library Manager. I have a Diploma in Information and Library Studies.

I run the library with the help of our wonderful Library Assistant, Esther. I enjoy reading many of the books I purchase for the library as this enables me to help our students find books that they love to read. This gets done at home though, despite what you may think there is no time for reading at work, I am too busy!

I am married to Lincoln and we have two boys. I enjoy reading (of course!), and learning new things.

Esther Rorimpandey
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Library and Resource Assistant



General Information

I have the privilege to work in the Te Totara school library. It’s a neat place to be, looking at kids who enjoy reading, their eager faces when looking at new books.

As a family, we enjoy our time in New Zealand. There are so many things to experience and explore. I am glad that Te Totara is part of our good experiences.

Thumbnail: Milo

Support Dog

General Information

Milo is a Cavoodle who is Te Totara's support dog. Cavoodles are a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. They are a small dog breed that have a low-shed coat and are very friendly.

Milo wears a high-visibility coat when he is working around the school. He is based in the library office with Mrs Simms. Milo's job is to encourage children to read aloud and to provide emotional support for students.