Te Totara Primary School - Growing and Learning Together

Queries, Concerns or Complaints

Not sure what to do?

Contact the principal, Anne Fraser, who can help: principal@tetotara.school.nz or phone 853 0039 or 027 207 4433.

Query on class programmes and how my child is doing?

Please contact the class teacher, either by ringing the office on 853 0039 to make an appointment or contact them direct to arrange a time or clarify. 

Query on school organisation?

Please contact the principal, Anne Fraser, who is happy to help, principal@tetotara.school.nz, phone 853 0039 or 027 207 4433 

None of the above helps and you would like to make a complaint?

Please follow the School Policy which is in the attached file below.

Complaints Policy

If you need help with the process the principal is happy to assist.