Te Totara Primary School - Growing and Learning Together

Curriculum Reports

Report on Student Achievement - Science and Technology T1 2017 -  In Term 1, we looked at  the Living Word strand of the Science and Technology curriculum, with a focus on biology of New Zealand.  This unit was all about students learning about the sustainability of New Zealand's unique fauna and flora and the distinctive ecosystems.

Report on Student Achievement - Social Sciences T1 2016 - In Term 1, we looked at identity, culture and organisation within the context "My Culture, My Heritage, My Story".  As the unit was developed from the basis of the people in our community and the cultures they belong to, the learning outcomes had a great degree of personal relevance to our students and their families.
Report on Student Achievement - The Arts T4 2015 - In Term 4, Te Totara Primary School held an art exhibition as part of our end-of-year celebration of our learning.  All classes were asked, as part of a larger unit of work, to produce a high quality piece of 3D visual art on a theme selected by each class.
Report on Student Achievement - Social Studies T2 2015 - In Term 2, our major Social Sciences unit was on Manaakitanga and Kotahitanga.  It culminated in a Marae trip in Week 10. The teachers all commented that this unit of work was a very motivating unit with high levels of engagement and enjoyment for both staff and students.  The Marae focus was a key factor in leading to the understanding of a culture that is all around the students, but a culture that they had not necessarily had personal experience of.
Student and teacher displays and art from the unit can be seen on the video below: