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Cybersafety Agreement

This document is signed as part of the enrolment pack.

Cybersafety agreement.doc




Cybersafety Use Agreement

For Junior Primary Students


This document is comprised of this cover page and three sections:

Section A:  Introduction  

Section B:  Cybersafety Rules for Junior Primary Students

                        Section C:  Cybersafety Use Agreement Form.



Instructions for parents*/caregivers/legal guardians

1.       Please read sections A and B carefully. If there are any points you would like to discuss with the school, let the School Office know as soon as possible.

2.       Discuss the cybersafety rules with your child.

3.       Sign the Use Agreement Form (Section C) and return that page to the school office.

4.       Please keep sections A and B for future reference.


* The term 'parent' used throughout this document also refers to caregivers and legal guardians.



Important terms used in this document:

(a)    The abbreviation 'ICT' in this document refers to the term 'Information and Communication Technologies'

(b)    'Cybersafety' refers to the safe use of the Internet and ICT equipment/devices, including mobile phones

(c)    'School ICT' refers to the school's computer network, Internet access facilities, computers, and other school ICT equipment/devices as outlined in (d) below

(d)    The term 'ICT equipment/devices' used in this document, includes but is not limited to, computers (such as desktops, laptops, PDAs), storage devices (such as USB and flash memory devices, CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, iPods, MP3 players), cameras (such as video, digital, webcams), all types of mobile phones, gaming consoles, video and audio players/receivers (such as portable CD and DVD players), and any other, similar, technologies as they come into use

(e)    'Objectionable' in this agreement means material that deals with matters such as sex, cruelty, or violence in such a manner that it is likely to be injurious to the good of students or incompatible with a school environment. This is intended to be inclusive of the definition used in the Films, Videos and Publications Classification Act 1993. 


Additional information can be found on NetSafe's website     www.netsafe.org.nz/ua




The measures to ensure the cybersafety of Te Totara Primary outlined in this document are based on our core values.

The school's computer network, Internet access facilities, computers and other school ICT equipment/devices bring great benefits to the teaching and learning programmes at Te Totara Primary, and to the effective operation of the school.

Our school has rigorous cybersafety practices in place, which include cybersafety use agreements for all school staff and students.

The overall goal of the school in this matter is to create and maintain a cybersafety culture which is in keeping with the values of the school, and legislative and professional obligations. This use agreement includes information about your obligations, responsibilities, and the nature of possible consequences associated with cybersafety breaches which undermine the safety of the school environment.

All students will be issued with a use agreement and once signed consent has been returned to school, students will be able to use the school ICT equipment/devices.

The school's computer network, Internet access facilities, computers and other school ICT equipment/devices are for educational purposes appropriate to the school environment. This applies whether the ICT equipment is owned or leased either partially or wholly by the school, and used on or off the school site.

The school may monitor traffic and material sent and received using the school's ICT network.  The school may use filtering and/or monitoring software to restrict access to certain sites and data, including email.

The school may audit its computer network, Internet access facilities, computers and other school ICT equipment/devices or commission an independent forensic audit.



Rules to help keep TE TOTARA PRIMARY  Students Cybersafe


These rules will help us to stay safe when using ICT at school

 1.            I cannot use school ICT equipment until my parent/s have signed my use agreement form (see Section C) and the completed form has been returned to school.

2.            I can only use the computers and other ICT equipment for my schoolwork and only with my teacher's permission.

3.            I can only go online or use the Internet at school when a teacher gives permission and an adult is present.

4.            If there is something I'm not sure about I will ask my teacher.

5.            I will not use the Internet, email, mobile phones or any other ICT equipment to be mean, rude, or unkind about other people.  

6.            I will not tell anyone my password.  

7.            If I find anything that upsets me, is mean or rude, or things I know are not acceptable at our school, I will:

·          Not show others

·          or turn off the screen and

·          Get a teacher straight away

8.            I must not bring any ICT equipment/devices to school without seeking permission from my parents and my teacher first. This includes things like mobile phones, iPods, games, cameras, USB drives and software.

9.            I will ask my teacher's permission before I put any personal information online.

Personal information includes:

·          Name

·          Address

·          Email address

·          Phone numbers

·          Photos.

10.         I will be careful and will look after all our school lCT equipment by:

·          Not being silly and playing around with it

·          Following our school cybersafety rules

·          Telling a teacher about anything wrong or damaged.

11.         I understand that if I break these rules the school may need to tell my parent(s).



Te Totara Student Cybersafety Use Agreement Form


To the parent/caregiver/legal guardian, please:

1.       Read this page carefully, to check you understand your responsibilities under this agreement

  1. Sign the appropriate section on this form
  2. Detach and return this form to the School Office
  3. Keep the document for future reference, as well as the copy of this signed page which the school will provide.


I understand that Te Totara Primary School will:

·          Do its best to enhance learning through the safe use of ICT. This includes working to restrict access to inappropriate, illegal or harmful material on the Internet or school ICT equipment/devices at school, or at school related activities

·          Work progressively with children and their families to encourage and develop an understanding of the importance of cybersafety through education designed to complement and support the use agreement initiative. This includes providing children with strategies to keep themselves safe in cyberspace

·          Keep a copy of this signed use agreement on file

·          Respond to any breaches in an appropriate manner

·          Welcome enquiries from parents or students about cybersafety issues.


My responsibilities include:

·          I will read this Cybersafety Use Agreement document

·          I will discuss the information with my child and explain why it is important

·          I will return the signed agreement to the school

·          I will support the school's cybersafety programme by encouraging my child to follow the cybersafety rules, and to always ask the teacher if they are unsure about any use of ICT

·          I will contact the Principal or school Cybersafety Manager to discuss any questions I might have about cybersafety and/or this use agreement and I am welcome to do this at any time.


Additional information can be found on the NetSafe website www.netsafe.org.nz/ua


Please detach and return this section to school.


I have read this Cybersafety Use Agreement and I am aware of the school's initiatives to maintain a cybersafe learning environment, including my child's responsibilities.

Name of student: …………………………………………………………………………………………..

Name of parent/caregiver/legal guardian: ………………………………………………………….

Parent's signature: …………………………………………………………….  Date: ………………….


Please note: This agreement for your child will remain in force as long as he/she is enrolled at Te Totara Primary School. If it becomes necessary to add/amend any information or rule, parents will be advised in writing.