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Bring Your Own iPad (BYO iPad) FAQs

What are the benefits of BYO iPad?

Your child can access their learning anytime, anywhere, which means that their learning opportunities are not confined to school hours.  BYO iPad allows students to learn in a way that is more consistent with the world we now live in.  They can engage in creative, collaborative learning aided by the technology they bring.  Information can be easily accessed and then presented in a variety of ways.

Why have you chosen mobile devices?

Mobile devices are the learning tools of the 21st century.  They are portable, multifunctional and have the ability to open up new and different ways of learning.  A major benefit of a mobile device is that students can easily take photos or videos to support or reflect on their learning.  Mobile devices turn on quickly, are simple for children to operate and have a long battery life.

Why have you chosen to go with iPads (and iPad Minis)?

iPads are the dominant tablet in the education sector.  This means that the number of educational apps available through the App Store is significantly higher than for Android devices.  The amount of professional knowledge, advice and support available to teachers is also much higher for iPads than other devices.

Why can’t I bring in other devices?

Our teachers are all proficient in the use and support of iPads, as these are the devices we have in our school.  If a range of other devices are brought into the school teachers may not be able to provide assistance with them and it could distract from our focus on learning.  If all students have the same device then teachers can be confident they have access to the same apps, as not all apps are available across multiple platforms.

How will the iPads be kept secure at school?

We will provide lockable storage in each classroom but ultimately the iPad is the responsibility of the student.  You will need to check with your insurance provider to see whether you are covered for loss or damage to the device.

Who can bring iPads to school?

Our BYO iPad programme is for our Year 3-6 students.



 What apps will we need to have?

If you are interested in your child bringing an iPad to school we have a guide sheet of the apps used in the school which you can purchase for your device.  This set of educational apps have been carefully selected by experts in the school.  You can check with your child's teacher to see which of these apps they are currently using in their classroom.  You will only need to purchase one set of apps per family as Apple allows you to share apps among your household’s devices.

Year 3-6 recommended apps

Will my child be disadvantaged if we can’t afford to buy a device?

There are school iPads in every classroom that students without their own devices will have access to.  With BYO iPad bringing more iPads into each classroom every student will benefit by having greater access to a device.

Will my child be asked to share their device with others?

Devices brought to school are for personal use.  The school adheres to a 'sharing screen' concept, whereby a child may share his/her screen with others.  In collaborative group work there may be 2-3 children working together, however each child is in charge of his/her device.

How will my child be kept safe when using the internet?

We have a school-wide digital citizenship programme which teaches our students how to be good digital citizens and how to be safe when using the internet.  There will be no 3G access for students’ iPads and the school Wi-Fi has filters on it to block unsuitable content.  There is also a BYO iPad Agreement that students and parents will be expected to sign before a device is brought to school.

Will my child be staring at a screen all day?

Students will still be doing things like handwriting, drawing, painting, running, throwing and communicating.  iPads will be used at a teacher’s discretion when they can support or enhance learning.  The device is a tool which will be used when appropriate.


What is the process for bringing an iPad to school?

  1. Check your insurance policy covers the iPad at school.
  2. You and your child sign the BYO iPad Agreement and take the fully completed form to the school office.
  3. When the class teacher says the documentation has been processed your child may bring their iPad to school.