Te Totara Primary School - Growing and Learning Together


Stop Motion Premieres

Hamilton City Libraries asked us if we would help them promote their new Summer Reading Programme 'Once upon a river...".  Over a couple of lunchtimes their librarians came and taught some of our Year 6 students how to do stop motion animation using the school's iPads.  Everyone really enjoyed the opportunity to learn some fun new skills and the amount of energy and enthusiasm in the room was impressive.  The top four animations were chosen and will be soon featuring on Hamilton City Libraries' website. 






Milky Way 6's Amazing Work

Bailey, Nicci and Lana visited Milky Way 6 this week and were impressed by the work they are doing in there.  Have a look at their report here and feel free to add a comment.



Orion 12's Learning

We are all going to miss Mrs Cathcart, who is jetting off to live in England and finishes at Te Totara on Friday.  Our reporters took the opportunity to find out what she has been teaching her class.  Click here for their report.

Matawhero 17 Explore Toy Making

Matawhero 17 explored toy making through drama tool "Mantle of the Expert" - this is a drama tool where students take on roles as experts of a particular theme/topic. In this case, experts about toys within a factory environment. It is a process involving reflection of prior knowledge, questioning and inquiry for research about suitable materials, collaboration/ cooperation of ideas within a team environment.

This movie celebrates our class's learning process of Toy Technology. We were hooked in to our topic by Miss Campbell being in role as Miss Boss, Director of the Te Totara Toy Factory. To work in the factory, we had to apply, in writing, for a specific position within the company. Our client 'Mr Sheedy' gave us a design brief for a sand pit toy. Here is our journey..